Twitter - Understanding Twitter And How To Maximise Impact

There's a common thought out there amongst businesses, that 'we need to do our social media well'. Of course, we agree! However, it's important to recognise that having your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram isn't enough.

Whether you're self employed, a small-to-medium business owner, or even if you're a marketer, you need to understand that in order for the social media machine to work for you, you need to understand the strengths of each one.

So for now, let's start with Twitter

Are the majority of your services or products business to business (B2B), as opposed to business to customer (B2C)? If so, then twitter is worth looking at. Some research conducted by the Earnest Agency (and put together in a nice video) has given us some informative stats:

  • 81% of B2B companies have accounts on social media, compared to 67% of B2C
  • 75% of B2B brands are on Twitter versus 49% of B2C
  • 93% of all business buyers believe all companies should be on social media
  • 85% of of those buyers would use social media to engage and interact with them

So in short, If you are marketing to other businesses, then twitter is the place to go. If you're a start up, and you don't currently have much influence - work hard at finding an influencer who believes in your product and shares it. You don't have to have lots of followers, but if you have an influencer who does: that's a win. Just a few pointers to help you with twitter:

  • Look for twitter business networks in your geographical area - a lot of these networks have an 'hour' that they run during the week, some do a lunchtime hour, most do an evening hour. Lot's of businesses join the hour and tweet each other by using the designated #. Don't go on these networks and sell, sell, sell - engage and interact with the other businesses, build relationships with them and stay involved in the conversation. Have one post ready and tailor-made for that network. Also make sure you use an image or video in your post, which will gain more attention and traction.
  • Create sharable content that isn't focused on promotion - The best way to get your name out there is by becoming influential in your genre of business. Begin to provide thought leadership, leadership axioms, write blogs and share articles that you find very helpful! (hint, hint ?)
  • Tag pictures - when you post to twitter, tag the influencers you've partnered with in your pictures. For example, I run an account called @NCoastLife, which is about all things North Coast in Ireland. Whenever I post a new picture I've just taken, I will tag some of the local tv weather presenters, photograph sharing networks and business networks which are in the geography of the picture. It's sharable content which is interesting to them, so they generally retweet it to their followers. When you tag well and understand your target audience, you can increase your reach exponentially - @NCoastLife has 1700 followers but in May (2016) we had 151K impressions. That's a lot of impressions! 
  • Find what the best time of day it is to tweet. Generally it’s early morning and post dinner in the evenings, but you can have a laser focus by looking at your tweet analytics, and find out when your audience is engaging. Test it out!
  • Use your personality - Out of all the networks, twitter is the one that needs your personality all over it. If you tweet under your business profile, make sure you put a name to your tweets, so others know who they're interacting with. Make sure that you adhere to best practices for your business, and don't say things that are completely unprofessional or bring your company in disrepute - but allow yourself to be humourous and engaging. People like connecting to other people, not to faceless businesses!

To finish, here's the video we got the stats from earlier :)